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Non-binary birther

My Journey...

Thoughts About Pride Month

I want to take a moment and spend some time talking about Pride month because I haven’t really yet, and I want to speak to why that is.  I want to address some of the feelings that I’m having around Pride again this year and how they’re some of the same feelings I’ve felt over…
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Visiting the ER as a pregnant Transmasculine non-binary person.

Exactly one year ago today, I had to walk into my first Emergency Room visit, alone, as a pregnant Transmasculine non-binary person. The day before I called my doctor because for two solid weeks I couldn’t stop puking. She suggested that perhaps it was no longer COVID-related (which I had tested positive for four week…
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Starting from the Beginning

I’ve wanted to start writing as a way of documenting my experiences for almost a decade now. But I’ve always struggled with self-sabotaging and shame that has tried to keep me silent, and unseen beyond the portrait that I portrayed of myself. I was always looking in the past for a starting point or trying…
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How the Be Kind Campaign Started & the Journey Now

The Be Kind campaign was birthed from a desire to inspire people to create connections with others through the simple act of kindness. As someone who, like so many others, has experienced a grave amount of bullying in this lifetime, I’ve also experienced just how powerful kindness can feel.  Kindness has changed and saved my…
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Man Hands A Sunflower To A Crying Stranger Who Says It’s A Sign From Her Deceased Fiancé

Last night I bought a sunflower to put on the windshield of someone I’m smitten with. After some consideration, I decided not to since we had only been on one date, the night previous. Don’t want to come off too strong, right? Anyway, I grabbed the flower on my way out this morning with the…
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Meet Danny


I thrive and survive in this world through connecting with myself, with others, both human and animal, and with mother nature. I believe we're all connected and that simply showing up as our authentic selves and doing the next right thing is how we can live the most purpose fulfilled life.