The Birth of a Dream

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Ok,  a lot of you probably noticed that I didn’t share Wilder’s birth story on my blog yet, like I had planned. It’s mostly ready to go, it’s my heart that isn’t. I thought that I too was ready, but when I sat down to publish it here I heard my grandmother yell, “STOP!” And when she did, I knew. I knew that just like Patreon, my big was not the birth place for such a sacred story. Such a sacred story deserves to be told in a blanket of dreams while being held between two covers. As story this sacred is meant for so much more than a blog; it’s meant for a bucket list.

In the same moment that I heard my grandmother, I also saw it, my first book! Writing a memoir has always been on my bucket list, but has always felt like an overwhelming adventure, even just to think about. That is, until my baby came along; not only dropping a sacred story into my lap to be told, but also, teaching me how to take baby steps and that perhaps I don’t have to do it all at once. I can break it down into shorter stories, sharing each sacred story within its own bounds and giving it the breath it deserves. And what better story to start with then that of Wilder’s brith – and the moment I was reborn.

I’m not going to give you any timelines as to when because some beauty just can’t be tracked with time. What I can feel though, is that it will happen soon and when it does, the ripple effect it has well be felt far beyond measure. Dreams don’t have to come true all at once, in fact they hardly ever do. Sometimes we noticed them manifesting and sometimes with don’t, but even if it goes unnoticed, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Each sentence I write gets me closer to my dream and therefore is in important part of my dream. Each word has a place and although some more profound than others, they tell the story together and are all important.

My dream is to use my voice and my story to create connection and forage more hope as we go. I hope to ignite curiosity and spark a desire to be of service, to help, and as importantly, to stay humble. I strive to use love as a driving force for education and creating relationships as educations greatest tool. My story and my struggles have become my greatest gifts and assets, and as I share them, I find strength. I find strength around every corner and during every contraction, because there’s far more within me than I’m even aware. It’s time to keep sharing those stories and their strengths with you in all of their glory.

Stay tuned, I stay alive, because you’re really not want to going to miss this next adventure we’re about to go on.

With wonder,

Danny (and Wilder)


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