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Celebrating Trans Parents Day!

By Danny The Trans Dad | November 6, 2022 |

When I began my gender transition eleven years ago, the doctors told me that I should freeze my eggs if I ever wanted to have biological children. I did not freeze any of my eggs because at the time, the option was not financially accessible for me. But you see, I’m someone who has always…


Costa Rica 2023 Or Bust!

By Danny The Trans Dad | September 23, 2022 |

Next year I have the privilege of hosting my very first Trova Trip! A Trova Trip is a trip that is created not only by me, but by community members who also want to join and travel with me and Wilder! After spending weeks of polling and collecting data, you all have chosen the destination…


Finding Passion Beyond Parenting

By Danny The Trans Dad | September 8, 2022 |

Hello my sweet community! It’s been a while since I’ve written or posted here and want to do a quick check-in. The truth is, I feel lost. I mean, when it comes to parenting and raising Wilder, I feel like I’m doing a rockstar job and am totally on track. Wilder is thriving and I…


When Growth Punches You In The Gut

By Danny The Trans Dad | March 7, 2022 |

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting these past few months while standing as still in the present moment as possible. Last week, I was sucker punched right in the gut by some growth and want to share a bit about it with you all. Now, I wanna start by saying that I’ve been…


When Depression and Anxiety Convince You They Are Winning

By Danny The Trans Dad | February 24, 2022 |

Depression and Anxiety have this special ability to lie to me in ways that I often can’t catch on my own, just as my addition does. That’s why you’ll often hear me say things like, “my head is a dangerous neighborhood that I don’t like to walk through alone.” It’s also why I regularly check-in…


Guess What?!!

By Danny The Trans Dad | January 27, 2022 |

Alright, all of you who take the time to read my blog get to hear the exciting news first! My dreams have always been to travel and worldschool my child. The pandemic has impacted those dreams and every day we learn to adapt to this isolated life within it. But, we are adapting and as…


You Are Enough

By Danny The Trans Dad | January 26, 2022 |

As someone who has struggled with depression my entire life, feeling like enough is a challenge that has followed in its shadows for, well, forever. Even now, I can still sometimes feel it lurking in the darkness, waiting for me to believe the next lie that my depression tells me so that it can jump…


The Sunflower Challenge

By Danny The Trans Dad | January 25, 2022 |

Sunflowers have always been special to me, but they became even more special after a life changing experience that led many of you reading this now, to me. But, a lot of you are also new and recently have asked exactly what the sunflower challenge is so it’s time to break this spiritual experience back…


What Does Wilder Call You?!

By Danny The Trans Dad | January 21, 2022 |

Let’s just jump right to the point, because I don’t have the patience for beating around the bush this morning. In fact, these days my toddler gets every ounce of patience that my body can produce, so if I sound inpatient in my writing, that’s why. But, this morning instead of mindlessly scrolling because I…


Good Girl vs Good Boy!

By Danny The Trans Dad | January 20, 2022 |

I recently got asked if I use the term, “good girl” or “good boy” when referring to Wilder since I am doing gender creative parenting. This is an important term that I want to spend some time breaking down and talking about. You see, I don’t say “good boy” or “good girl” to any kid, no…