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I feel drawn to sharing more about Deanna, my twin sister, today. Well, there is one story in particular that sums up our relationship quite well. And it also happens to by my favorite to tell. My heart has been so heavy for my sister while her husband has been in the hospital, and this is one of the ways I hold that pain; I share stories.

I do hope you all enjoy the story I’m about to share.

Because of her birth, Deanna lives with many different disabilities, including a really poor memory. I mean, we are talking can’t remember what she had to eat earlier in the day, where she would put things, or if she had done things. This is important to know.

My mom always made us clear our seats after eating dinner by putting out plates in the sink. I was feeling particularly tired (maybe lazy??) that night. I watched as Deanna cleared her plate and went upstairs to run the hallways because HELLO ADHD. Anyway, as I as there not wanting to take the added steps of cleaning my plate before heading upstairs because it felt like such a tremendous burden, it clicked. As it clicked, my mom shot a look at me as if saying, “don’t.” But I did anyway.

I quickly slid my plate over to Deanna’s place and yelled her name in a concerned tone, “Deanna, get back here!!” She came quickly. Once she rounded the corner I pointed at ‘her’ plate and said, “umm you forgot to clear!” Her eye proceeded to get large as she said, “Oh, sorry mom!” while quickly clearing the spot. I didn’t look at my mom once but I sure could feel her glare burning a hole in the back of my shirt.

Deanna very quickly cleared her spot and ran back upstairs. With a huge smile on my face I stood up, pushed in my chair and quietly said, “that’s how it done” while heading upstairs. We were both called back down and they blew my cover, telling her what I had done. I received a swift punch to the arm and an even more brutal beating to the ego later that night.

You see, my sister might be gullible but she plays dirty and will get you back, when you least expect it to. And did she ever, later that night in fact. I’m a sleeper and always have been. I need and love a lot of sleep. So I would often times go to bed house before my hyper twin sister to ran the halls until god knows when. Well, she let me go to sleep that night, but also made sure to get revenge.

I remember being woken up all of a sudden to my sister shaking me and telling me we were going to be late for the bus. We had five minutes to get dressed and out to the bus stop before Jay (our bus drive) got there. I flew up and out of bed, threw on some cloths, ran downstairs, grabbed my backpack and flew out of the door. I remember seeing both of my parents sitting in the living room smiling but never registering it.

I stood out at that bus stop for what felt like forever, slowly waking up while wondering where the heck my sister was because she was going to miss the bus. And then I saw her, laughing in the window while still in her pajamas. My mom behind her, also laughing. And I knew. It was a set-up. She had gotten me and I had to walk back through that door with my tail tucked between my legs only to learn that it was actually only 10pm in the evening.

I learned a great lesson that day and I never tried to take advantage of her memory loss again.

And she agreed to never wake my tired butt up for school again. That’s how we love each other, we heckle each other. You know that know loving heckle that adds a playful joy to your life? That kind. Its been twelve years since I moved away from home (Wisconsin) to Washington. I deeply miss Deanna and having that in person relationship with her.

But sharing these stories helps ease that sadness, because her greatness is too good not to share.


With Wonder,

Danny (and Wilder)


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  1. Debbie L Dunn on December 30, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    That is the cutes letter I have seen. You both are so special in your mom and dad’s hearts.

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