Starting from the Beginning

Welcome, little one!

I’ve wanted to start writing as a way of documenting my experiences for almost a decade now. But I’ve always struggled with self-sabotaging and shame that has tried to keep me silent, and unseen beyond the portrait that I portrayed of myself. I was always looking in the past for a starting point or trying to picture the future, rather than just beginning exactly where I was. Which, is how we got here.

I’m launching off now to document exactly where I am as a single, sober pregnant guy who’s dreams to become a parent are finally coming true. That’s where I am right now, but woven throughout our conversation, will be the stories and experiences that have gotten me to this present moment. Stories that transpire hope, spark passion, expands hearts and open minds. Stories that you won’t believe and some, that may change the way you see me. Stories of my most intimate experiences, ones that have shaped the core of my being. The stories that I’m terrified to share, and others that I have been waiting to share forever. Stories that will shine, and stories that may scare. But they are all my stories, all true to who I am and how I’ve gotten to where I am, living happily in a bungalow in the woods while sixteen weeks pregnant during a pandemic.

My dream is to be able to stitch these stories together and create a memoir one day. And in the process while getting there, to share my experience, stretch and hope with others while providing educational experiences that help expand the hearts and minds of others. So buckle up, and stick around, because at some point or another, I’m sure you’ll be glad that you did. 🙂

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